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In the News (Oct. 24, 2014- Oct. 31, 2014)

Tips for dudes who want to talk to other men about not being rapists or street harassers.

Two girls who claim they were raped and sodomized at a Bronx middle school will have to face the boys they say raped them in front of the Board of Education.

Washington is shifting the burden of proof in rape cases.

Rape is not a data problem.

Did you see the street harassment in New York video? The actress is receiving rape threats in the comments. Also, a critique of the video, and it’s portrayal of race) in an article and on a podcast (starts at about minute 24:40, listen to it in iTunes or Stitcher if you want to be able to fast-forward cause you won’t be able to at the link). Hollaback, who created the video, offers a statement in response to these critiques.

Street harassment happens in the nice parts of town too, Joyce Carol Oates. And, Rush Limbaugh thinks that street harassment is just men being polite.

The 29th was the “Help Carry the Weight” national day of action. Columbia students are using mattresses (28 of them) to take a stand against rape culture on their campus. And, MIT releases a detailed report about a survey about sexual violence on campus.

Women who are raped or assaulted are still afraid of coming forward, according to a recent study.

GamerGate gets The Colbert Report treatment.

On not wanting to believe our fave male celebrities committed sexual violence.

A law suit against a Georgia Tech frat alleges that the frat encouraged rape culture.

Teen sexting isn’t the problem – non-consensual photo forwarding is (and this is also basically how revenge porn differs from taking consensual photos with a partner).

A school claims it has no responsibility to help protect people from getting raped.

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