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In the News (Sept. 14, 2013- Sept. 20, 2013)

This is from last week, and we’re sorry we missed telling you about it! California realizes it’s not 1872 anymore, and overturns law that denies justice to unmarried rape victims.

Discussions about sex trafficking often revolves to girls and young women, but it is a problem for male-bodied children too – and they’re not getting the resources they need.

Allison Rickett, a blogger for the Southern Poverty Law Center, talks about how to teach gender expression in the classroom through talking about stereotypes of masculinity. This type of lesson could also be applied using current events in the news regarding the discussion of rape and sexual assault.

Image from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Captain_Planet_and_the_Planeteers_title.jpg

An Indian doctor was found guilty of raping patients in Australia.

An Ohio man is in court this week on 2010 charges for raping a child.

Two high school football players in California were arrested this week on multiple sexual assault charges.

Remember how the kids in Captain Planet used to wear rings that gave them superpowers? A pharmacist in India invented a silver ring that can inject an assailant with capsaicin – the stuff that makes peppers spicy — in response to the recent rapes in that country.

Did you hear Playboy was promoting consent? Did you think that was too good to be true? You were right – it was the work of two hacktavists.

A survivor writes about her relationship with exercise after rape.

Rolling Stone writes about Audrie Pott.

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