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In the News (Sept. 19, 2014- Sept. 26, 2014)

On harassment in the workplace. And, some female firefighters allege sexual assault from coworkers.

The Rantic hoax against Emma Watson is incredibly problematic.

Students are protesting how Jadavpur University is handling the sexual assault of a female student that took place last month, and the university’s decision to call in the police against the protestors.

University of Chicago misogynists threaten survivors and activists in a backlash against the Hyde Park list.

Why aren’t we talking more about fraternities when we talk about the problem of campus rape?

For-profit detention centers are capitalizing on the sexual assault of migrants.

The bill that was proposed this week, which would expand access to EC for survivors of rape and sexual assault could counter the laws in 6 states that allow pharmacists to just refuse giving it to someone because, you know, they feel like it.

Another teen who put a rape victim on social media.

Nope, this shirt isn’t funny.

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