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In the News (Sept. 2, 2013- Sept. 6, 203)

Ariel Castro, who kept three women prisoner for a decade in Cleveland, committed suicide in jail.

California is considering a law that would criminalize “revenge porn.”

Richard Cohen, from the Washington Post believes rape only happens when intercourse is involved. Amanda Marcotte evaluates this over at Slate.

A new hearing has been ordered in the Montana rape case, in which a judge sentenced a teacher who raped his 14-year-old student to just 30 days in jail.

Agricultural workers are among the many workers who are subjected to sexual harassment and assault on the job.


Aya de Leon takes on slut-shaming and rape culture in a spoken-word poem.

Gender-based attacks on the Kentucky Senate candidate continue – says she’s an “empty dress.”

The Washington Post also thinks it’s pretty much a-okay for a teacher to have sex with a student (link takes you to an analysis of this, to avoid steering more traffic to the Post).

An attorney for the midshipman who filed sexual assault charges against three Naval Academy classmates is asking that the Superintendent of the Naval Academy be removed from the case. This would bar him from being able to decide whether the accused face court martial.

(Compiled by CCASA intern, Liz Clift.  Thanks, Liz!)

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