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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Military Resources

Joint Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Team*

Provide advocacy to victims that are members of Armed Forces and CO National Guard.
Sexual Assault Response Hotline: 720-847-SARC (7272)

Peterson Sexual Assault Prevention*

The Peterson Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Office serves active-duty and reserve military members who are affiliated or stationed with Peterson AFB.

USAF Academy Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program*

Provides sexual assault prevention education and sexual assault response to all cadets and permanent party members assigned to the USAF Academy.
719-333-9578 or 719-333-7272

US Army: Fort Carson

24 hr Hotline: 719 338-9654

Office number: 719 524-8669 from 9am-5pm (Monday-Friday)

Make The Connection

Veterans who experienced military sexual trauma share their stories. They describe the challenges they faced and how their lives were affected. Eventually, these men and women reached out for support. Hear how they were able to get on the road to recovery.