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Self-Care in the New Year Series: My Self-Care Essentials

By Meghann McCluskey, CCASA Blogger


1.  The Great Outdoors

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Ever since moving to Colorado in 2011, my partner and I have embraced the “weekend warrior” spirit. Most weekends find us camping, hiking, or snowshoeing in the mountains. Exploring the Colorado Rockies offers me relief and reinvigoration after a busy week in the office.


2.  My Dog

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Like most dog owners, I derive an enormous amount of comfort and joy from the time I spend with my dog. Whether we’re on one of our daily walks or snuggling on the couch, Sophie helps me stay in the moment and supplies an endless source of entertainment!


3.  Yoga

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I stumbled into yoga six years ago after my frenetic lifestyle as a graduate student in New York City demanded a change of pace. After my first class I was intimidated but intrigued, and slowly but surely yoga became a staple of my self-care regimen. Yoga has taught me endless lessons about resilience, patience, self-compassion, and determination. I feel honored to now share my love of yoga with others in both community yoga classes and trauma-sensitive yoga groups.


4.  Cooking

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Many people strive to incorporate more mindfulness practices into their lives, and for me I find that cooking affords lots of opportunities to stay present and pay attention. Eating homemade food helps me make healthy choices and avoid processed meals, and it also helps me decrease my monthly food budget.

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