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PETA? What in the World Are You Thinking?

By Michelle Wolff

17th JD SART Coordinator

As a woman who has after many years absence, jumped back on the vegetarian wagon and who likes to eat vegan as often as possible and a long time PETA supporter (although I cannot watch their videos!) imagine my upset when I saw PETA’s new ad campaign: My Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me.  Hmmm the title alone piques the interest doesn’t it?  It did for me, so intrigued,I viewed the site immediately – here is the link so you can too: http://www.bwvaktboom.com/
At first I was just uncomfortable watching the video clip and couldn’t really identify why but within seconds I had it nailed, ah-hem, so to speak.  A young lady is walking through town with a neck brace, scanty panties and torn clothing looking like she has just escaped from a hospital emergency room.

We hear the narrator, Kevin Nealon, talking about how boyfriends can turn into tantric porn stars after going vegan and referring to the site which tells you how to live with this now predatory wild man. Uh…what?

Do we really want to promote boyfriends literally incapacitating their girlfriends with sex so rough that it leaves them in neck braces and limping through the neighborhood? Really PETA?

Replace the harm inflicted on the girlfriend with the same level of harm inflicted on an animal and imagine the outrage!  I know it’s an ad campaign but let me tell you if going vegan meant my husband would leave me looking like I’d been run through a knothole backwards. I can tell you that steak would be going right to the top of my King Sooper’s list.

Even worse is the perpetuation of rape being ok in some form or other.  Well sure it’s rape but hey he is eating vegan so doesn’t that make it ok?  I for one am glad he saved a chicken’s ass but not at the expense of his girlfriend’s!

C’mon PETA, you can and have done better than this.  Let’s not harm anything with a face, girlfriends especially, while we’re cleaning up our eating habits shall we?  Remove this ad and go back to the drawing board.  I can see how on the surface, and if the writers had never been impacted by sexual violence, which is frankly hard to imagine, that this might look clever and funny on the surface. It isn’t. It’s dangerous.

PETA please don’t make me start another petition on Change.org against this campaign when I have signed so many petitions in support of animals and the work you do on their behalf.  Along with handing over many of my hard earned dollars to keep you going, I might add. I have one word for your writers/marketing team: Do-over.

Michelle Wolff is the Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator for the 17th Judicial District.  She is working with a team of professionals dedicated to creating a seamless system for reporting and receiving services for sexual assault. She’s also an artist and blogger who frequently gets riled up about something and writes about it.  You can find her at www.wolffdenpress.wordpress.com.

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