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Digital Storytelling Project

— Sharing Our Stories

CCASA Digital Storytelling Project

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) partnered with The Center for Digital Storytelling on this project sponsored by Moms Fight Back to tell the stories of those impacted by sexual violence in Colorado. The digital stories created for the CCASA Digital Storytelling Project were shared publicly during April 2015 for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Our hope was to create digital stories that can expand the public understanding of sexual violence in Colorado and deepen our collective community commitment to supporting survivors and preventing this crime.

— Digital Stories —

The Storytellers


I’ve locked my heart in a cage, and I’m terrified to let anyone in. Each day, I’m at war with multiple demons, and the little girl within me is on her death bed. I still don’t know where I belong, and I know I’ll always be different. However, I’m slowly learning MY truth and discovering MY authentic self, whomever she WAS, IS, and IS BECOMING.

Carmen S.

When sexual assault is perpetrated by a family member, sometimes it is easier to ignore and sweep it under the rug. This story is for someone I love who experienced childhood sexual abuse and was re-victimized by disbelief and denial. I hope to bring light to this family matter and validation to my cousin.


Sometimes the story you want to share is not the story you are required to tell. Although the man who raped me left a footprint in my story, his print is no longer what defines me. This is my story and this is my footprint.


My story is about one of many times my ex-husband raped me during our marriage. I chose to tell this story for many reasons but especially to share with others the reality that rape does happen in marriage. My story is about my journey of surviving a marriage full of rape, physical, emotional and verbal abuse, and the choice and strength to plan and escape from my rapist/abusive husband. I pulled all the strength I had in me to escape and leave for my children and myself.


My story highlights the effects sexual abuse in different forms can have on child. The story walks through a lifetime of wounds while causing pain it also nurtured strength. It is a tale of the dichotomy of life.


I didn’t think that I had anything I needed or wanted to say to my grandfather. However, I was wrong. I want him to know I have found strength, courage and my voice.


Ruthie Jordan shares her survivor of sexual assault experience through this compelling short film. She continues to stand for justice on a collective scale for all women – especially for Jini Barnum, a woman who is no longer present to stand and see her own justice transpire. Often times Deaf women are not aware of their rights when such assault occurs. Ruthie has produced this film to ignite hope and inspire courage within her community to stop allowing power play coercion acts to occur and advocate for yourself – YOU are worth it!

Carmen G.

My video is about a little girl that at the age of four her life dramatically changed. My life was one of continual sexual abuse. It continued until I was thirteen and only stopped because I became pregnant. My mother was aware of the abuse but looked the other way so that she could have the life of a higher social class. My stepfather…..well he abused me sexually for 10 years of my life; he was 36 years old and I 13 when I got pregnant.

How Digital Storytelling Impacted Us

(Top left): Daniel, one of our workshop facilitators for the digital storytelling project, reminded us that what we need to find is that unique story that only we can tell. These words really helped everyone write their script for this project!

(Top right): Participants in the project commented about the process of creating the digital story about how sexual violence impacted them. Everyone’s experience was unique to them, but I think many us us relate to their words.

(Bottom left): Daniel, one of our workshop facilitators for the project, read us all this quote as we were struggling to boil our “story” down to a 2-3 minute video.  This reminded us that it is often harder to tell a short story than a long one.  We had to truly know our message and the words we wanted to share.

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