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Freedom from Sexual Violence

CCASA’s Title IX “Crosswalk”

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This tool focuses on how institutions can use Clery and SB19-007 as a mechanism to inform the implementation of the TIX New Regulations in order to mitigate the harmful impacts of the new rule. Given the backdrop of overlapping state and Federal laws that govern the ways campuses respond to sex-based discrimination, this document provides analysis for how advocates working in campus settings can continue to support sexual harassment victims while complying with the harmful new Title IX rule.

We have created this tool to benefit any and all individuals who work on or with institutions of higher education. This includes campus-based advocates as well as community- and systems-based advocates who work with institutions of higher education; Title IX personnel, whether you are working on a specific campus or are contracted to work as an outside TIX personnel; and for anyone who is in a decision-making position at your institution.

Since the TIX rule changes are so new and unforeseeable challenges and recommendations are yet to surface, we welcome and encourage your feedback on this tool. This is a living document that will be continually updated.

Email with the subject line “Access to TIX Crosswalk” for instructions on how to access this new tool.

**Available to CCASA Members