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Responding to Suicidal Crisis: What Every Advocate Needs to Know

Responding to Suicidal Crisis: What Every Advocate Needs to Know

Organization: Strength-Based Psychological Services
Presented by:
Dr. Gillian Kaag, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Owner

Email info@ccasa.org for a link to access this webinar recording.

In the aftermath of sexual assault, unwanted sexual experiences, and interpersonal relationship trauma, survivors may struggle with depression, thoughts of wishing they were dead, and/or a desire to kill themselves to end their emotional pain. Working with a survivor who is struggling with suicide can feel scary for the survivor and can overwhelm the advocate who is trying to offer support. This training will provide a theory for understanding suicide, will review the importance of understanding risk and protective factors when working with a survivor, and will teach practical tips to help advocates know how to respond during a suicidal crisis.

Dr. Gillian Kaag is a licensed clinical psychologist and owner of Strength-Based Psychological Services with clinical specialty in the assessment and treatment of trauma, PTSD, depression, relationship issues, and suicide bereavement. Dr. Kaag also serves as president for the Colorado chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and believes strongly in the AFSP mission to save lives and bring hope to those impacted by suicide.