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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Self-Care While Caring for Others

Colorado College Wellness Resource Center
Presented by:
Dr. Heather Horton, Director
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The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been profound.  It has disrupted all of our lives, requiring us to develop new ways of operating and offering support and services to survivors.  And, like all community-wide crises, the pandemic’s effects will likely be felt more keenly by survivors because of increased isolation and confinement.  It is therefore even more important than ever for advocates, therapists, and others who serve survivors to invest in their own self-care so that we can remain healthy and engaged over the long haul.  In this webinar, we’ll explore the ways that stress can impact our wellbeing, reflect on the kinds of self-care that may serve each of us best, and identify strategies and renew commitments to self-care.