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Workplace Sexual Harassment Tools for Individuals and Organizations

Workplace Sexual Harassment Tools for Individuals and Organizations

Fact Sheets

What is Sexual Harassment?

Next Steps Fact Sheet

Workplaces Respond Guide for Advocates

“Advocates have a critical role to play in improving workplace responses to domestic and sexual violence, and stalking. This resource outlines strategies advocates can implement to help prevent and respond to workplace violence in their communities.”

Access the guide here.


MaineCanDo.org is a platform designed to help individuals, employers, and investors to prevent future #MeToo incidents in the places where we work, shop, eat, and play. Individuals (people who are being/have been harassed and their allies) will find resources to help navigate a safe and effective path toward getting support and/or making change. Organizations will find resources they need not only to know the law, but also to proactively create respectful, safe and inclusive workplace cultures.”

Even though this resource is specific to Maine, there is general information and practices that can help individuals and organizations navigate sexual harassment at the workplace.