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Telehealth Counseling/Digital Response Resources

Telehealth Counseling/Digital Response Resources

NNEDV’s Digital Services Toolkit includes new resources and compiled state and national guidance to help domestic violence coalitions, service providers, and advocates support survivors and operate effectively during a crisis/disaster.  Key resources in the toolkit include:

Tele-counseling 101: Providing services for survivors CCASA Webinar

Telecounseling Webinar FAQs

Telehealth Counseling Options – Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape

How do I obtain consent from a client to use telecounseling if we cannot meet in-person?
Email the informed consent page to the client to review. Best practice would be for the client to reply to the email indicating their consent, or signing the form and sending it back to you (to have a paper trail). If you cannot obtain written permission, the client can provide verbal permission – though, you must document this in their file.

doxy.me informed consent

doxy.me talking points 

Informed Consent Talking Points

Informed Consent-SAMPLE

Free Tele-counseling training https://www.simplepracticelearning.com/courses/telehealth-legal-ethical

Resources for Online Meetings, Classes, and Events

PSEI is offering a the course, Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals: 2-Day Distance Therapy Training, for FREE! https://catalog.pesi.com/item/52191 If you use the code TELEFREE you can get the whole thing for free, including the CEUs (12.5 HOURS!)