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Self-Care in the New Year Series: CCASA’s Brie Akins

By Brie Akins, CCASA Executive Director

“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” ~Maya Angelou

This past year I made some major changes to my life. My life was not terrible, but I realized that I wasn’t living to my fullest. I was surviving, but I was not thriving.

For those of us who make it our life’s work to help others and create social change, I think it can be easy to overlook our own needs and wants. We may feel guilty if we prioritize ourselves. However, if we are going to help others to be healthy and thrive, it’s important that we start with ourselves.

How can you move beyond just surviving? What makes you thrive? Here are a few things that help me thrive:

  1. Whether it’s traveling to somewhere near or far, getting out of my regular routine helps me get perspective and recharge.

Brie-ocean pic

A magnificent rainbow arches across the Hawaiian ocean, reminding me of the beauty in the world.


  1. Trying new things helps me figure out what makes me truly happy.

Brie-snowshoe pic










I went snow shoeing for the first time shortly after arriving in Denver this past December.


  1. Unconditional love (and snuggles) from furry friends helps me remember to take time to unplug and enjoy the simple things in life.












My puppy, Zoey, thinks it’s good to slow down and take naps

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