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Freedom from Sexual Violence


Cultural Outreach Coordinator

Cultural Outreach Coordinator

San Miguel Resource Center

Our mission is to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault


Job Description – Cultural Outreach

Title: Cultural Outreach Coordinator

Reports to: Executive Director

Purpose: To provide direct client services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault serving as the primary Spanish Speaking advocate.  Provide and promote culturally competent victim services, and conduct community outreach and domestic violence and sexual assault prevention with marginalized populations.

Status: Full-time

Philosophy adherence

The San Miguel Resource Center staff and Board of Directors are required to maintain personal and professional conduct consistent with the mission of our agency. Staff and board of directors are required to create and maintain a safe, secure, supportive, nurturing, cohesive, nonviolent environment. This culture is built through the development of strong relationships within and among members of the agency. These relationships are based on open, proactive, compassionate communication; commitment for the common good; and honest, empathetic expression of needs.

We recognize this work can be overwhelming due to the expose of secondary trauma, however, it is the ethical responsibility of each SMRC member to constantly be aware of one’s position in regards to interactions with clients, staff, board members and the agency as a whole. If work productivity, ability to work with clients, and participation in a healthy environment within the agency is being affected, appropriate steps –including a grievance procedure- is placed to maintain a productive and safe environment for clients and staff.


To Clients

1. Serve as the primary Spanish Speaking victim advocate and provide in-person direct services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault as needed.

2. Advocate for clients from marginalized populations as needed during law enforcement investigations, the criminal justice process, court appearances, medical exams, job and housing searches, and immigration procedures including VAWA, U-visa, and if needed, T-visa.

3. Serve as an advocate taking crisis line shifts Monday-Friday from 9 to 5 and as needed for shifts not covered by volunteer advocates.

4. Each staff person is responsible for entering their client demographics, activities and case notes in the Client Management Database.

5. Serve as staff backup on the crisis hotline as needed.

6. Conduct community outreach activities and advertise client services to marginalized populations.

7. Develop culturally competent victim services and improve the delivery of these services to members of marginalized populations whose lives are affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

8. Promote prevention education programs about domestic violence and sexual assault to marginalized populations.

Cultural Outreach Program Development

9. In collaboration with the Advocate Coordinator, recruit and train bilingual advocates to provide culturally competent services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

10. Translate crisis line protocols and corresponding paperwork specifically for marginalized population clients – non-English speaking, hearing and visually impaired, etc.

11. Develop relationships with regional service providers who work with members of under-served populations – racial, cultural, ethnic, language minorities, and other diverse populations.

12. In collaboration with the Prevention Educators, organize and manage education programs addressing cultural competency and domestic violence and sexual assault prevention.

13. Prepare and distribute culturally appropriate prevention education materials within catchment area.

14. Research, purchase, and manage culturally competent resources for all libraries.

15. Seek out and participate in professional development opportunities on cultural diversity and provide related information to staff and volunteer advocates on a monthly basis.

16. Serve as liaison with other service providers for special projects addressing unique victim services.

17. Respond to requests for information about the Cultural Outreach Program.

18. Participate in weekly client debriefing, program development meetings and quarterly staff trainings.

19. In conjunction with the Executive Director, develop Cultural Outreach Program standards and protocols.

20. In coordination with the Executive Director assist with the development of individual program goals ensuring alignment with agency mission and grant requirements.

21. In conjunction with the Executive Director and the Director of Grants and Finance assist with the development of Cultural Outreach program budget.

22. Manage and monitor all program expenses and request approval from the Director of Grants and Finance on any expenses not outlined in the budget.

23. Develop job procedures for the Cultural Outreach Coordinator position and update as needed.

24. Participate in advocate trainings and serve as a trainer as needed.

25. With the Director of Grants and Finance research, report, and provide program information for grant purposes.

26. Network with state and national organizations addressing cultural competent victim services issues.

27. Perform other duties as requested by the Executive Director.


Education: BA in relevant field or equivalent combination of education and experience.


1) Minimum one year experience in diverse community outreach and networking.  Prior experience in cultural competency preferred.

2) One year minimum experience in public speaking and meeting facilitation.

3)  Experience working with agencies addressing violence against women and providing victim services desirable.

Job Knowledge:

1) Fluent in Spanish and able to interact successfully in both Latino and Anglo cultures.

2) Knowledge of the issues and dynamics of domestic and sexual violence.

3) Ability to develop training and educational materials.

4)  Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

5)  Computer literacy.

6) Understanding of and commitment to cultural diversity.


1) Ability to work autonomously and in collaboration with others in a small office with shared responsibilities.

2) Demonstrated ability to manage time, evaluate progress, and adjust activities to complete projects within established time frames.

3) Familiar with decision making through group process.

4) Skilled in establishing effective working relationships both inside and outside organization.

5) Available to travel in-state periodically.

6) Commitment to professional growth and continuing education.

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