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Special Projects

— Initiatives

Special Projects

There are many ways CCASA is able to address the issue of sexual violence in the state of Colorado. Our special projects are initiatives we take on, often in conjunction with other agencies or individuals, to address and prevent sexual assault in our communities.

Current Projects


Colorado Forensic Compliance Evaluation Project

This project explores and documents how forensic compliance is currently being implemented, and tracks forensic compliance cases from the medical forensic exam through prosecution in the 2nd Judicial District and the 9th Judicial District. For more information, contact Lisa Ingarfield, CFCEP Director, lisa@ccasa.org.

Past Projects

— Partnership

Digital Storytelling Project

CCASA partnered with The Center for Digital Storytelling on this project sponsored by Moms Fight Back to tell the stories of those impacted by sexual violence in Colorado. For more information and to view the videos, visit the Digital Storytelling Page.


Prison Rape Elimination Act Project

CCASA hosted a 2-day statewide PREA Training in 2018, a series of webinars in 2019, and workshops at the 2019 Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference. CCASA also developed a PREA toolkit, and an online training module; and CCASA partnered with the Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center to examine the intersections of PREA and the Colorado Victim Rights Act. For more information, contact Agueda at agueda@ccasa.org.