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Committees & Groups

— Participate

Join Up

You have the opportunity to make the most of your CCASA membership by participating in groups and on committees. The specific expertise of our members help CCASA act according to our values of anti-oppression, social change, survivor-centeredness, accountability, collaboration, and respect.

— Fight Racism

Colorado Advocates for Racial Equity (CARE)

We recognize that learning about racism has often fallen on the backs of those who experience it; that’s why CARE aspires to hold a space for white people to learn about fighting racism together without the labor of people of color, but with their guidance. CARE is a space where white/white presenting people within the sexual and domestic violence movement explore ways to examine privilege, interrupt racism, create anti-racist cultures and practices, train others, and do better. For more information, contact Jenna Harper at jenna@ccasa.org or 720-728-8381.

CCASA members and partners who identify as a person of color and who want to create community, raise awareness, and promote practices and policies that recognize the intersections of race, sexual violence, and other forms of oppression are invited to join CCASA’s efforts to increase and sustain leadership opportunities within communities of color. Those interested and committed to change can participate on the CoCA through monthly web/phone or in-person meetings. For more information, contact Agueda Morgan at agueda@ccasa.org or 303-625-9565.

— Create Community

Communities of Color Alliance (CoCA)

— Strengthen Leadership

Executive Director’s Anti-Oppression Monthly Conversation

CCASA hosts a monthly conversation for Executive Directors (or Program Directors for programs situated in larger organizations) to explore how to incorporate anti-oppression work into their organizations and services as well as the broader anti-sexual & domestic violence field. For more information, contact Brie Franklin at brie@ccasa.org or 303-839-0029.

The SART Coordinators’ Group and listserv is for people who are engaging in a coordinated, collaborative effort to address sexual violence within their community. These efforts are often called Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) or Coordinated Community Responses (CCR) and can exist within a county, judicial district, city, campus, Tribal community, or other jurisdictions and communities. The group shares resources, training opportunities, and troubleshoots issues. Meetings are held each month on the 4th Tuesday from 2:00-3:00pm. For more information, contact Jenna Harper at jenna@ccasa.org or 720-728-8381.

— Collaborative Effort

SART Coordinators’ Group

— Set Policy

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee helps inform CCASA’s policy agenda and work at the state capitol. CCASA members who are interested in participating on the Policy Committee should contact Elizabeth Newman at elizabeth@ccasa.org.

The Fundraising Committee helps plan and implement activities to raise awareness about CCASA in the community as well as to increase financial support for our work. Interested community members can contact Brie Franklin at brie@ccasa.org or 303-839-0029.

— Raise Money

Fundraising Committee

— Financial Oversight

Finance Committee

The finance committee assists the Board of Directors in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. The committee is intended to ensure adequate Board understanding of CCASA’s financial position and performance, enhance Board level decisions regarding funding for programs, human resources, facilities and infrastructure; and ensure the organization’s financial stability by providing oversight on its budget and investments. Interested community members can contact Brie Franklin at brie@ccasa.org or 303-839-0029.