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CCASA has been a GODSEND in my life! – From Randy, survivor who testified on Bills 73 and 88

CCASA has been a GODSEND in my life!

At age 7, I was repeatedly molested by my first-grade teacher in class. I had no understanding of what he was doing to me. No concept of sexual boundaries. I have lived with this for over 48 years, yet never fully processed as an adult. I learned that the school district had taken steps to cover-up the sexual assaults.

When I had heard that CCASA was introducing legislation to help eliminate the statute of limitations for future sexual assault survivors (SB 73) and to give a window to previous sexual assault survivors by allowing them to hold entities responsible for covering up sexual assaults in the past (SB 88), I wanted to support their efforts, not only for myself, but for those that have been silent too long.

Through CCASA’s unwavering commitment to help sexual assault survivors, I was able to share my experience, my voice, and say that on no uncertain terms should an individual or organization be allowed to escape retribution just because of a set passage of time.

I am grateful to CCASA for allowing me to work with them to pass these life-changing laws!