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“You Have the Right” Is Educating Coloradans How To Report Sexual Assault

Colorado residents may start to see the phrase You Have the Right on billboards, posters and bar coasters around town, or hear about it while listening to local radio or TV. You Have the Right (YHTR) is a public awareness initiative by the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) that’s aiming to educate the public about the range of reporting options following a sexual assault.

CCASA also works with the legislature on passing laws and influencing policy around the subject — two of the priority bills they worked on during the last legislative session were passed. “Both of them created changes and new causes of action within the civil legal system for survivors of child sexual abuse, which was really exciting,” said Brie Franklin, CCASA’s executive director. You Have the Right is working to raise public awareness about these legal updates and make sure people know their options, specifically when it comes to law enforcement and reporting assault.

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