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Kaleigh Holcomb

Kaleigh Holcomb


Kaleigh (she/her) is a financial expert with a passion for healthcare and social justice, focused on healing the community. Kaleigh works as an Analyst for DaVita Integrated Kidney Care on the Government IKC Analytics team. In her role, she puts patient care and health above all else, overseeing a number of national dialysis clinics whose financial performance is directly tied to patient health and betterment. Kaleigh has worked in healthcare her entire career, but also prioritizes health and wellness in her free time.

Upon her move to Denver, Kaleigh began working for Project Linus, making quilts for the community’s children’s hospitals. At the Anschutz campus of the Colorado Children’s hospital, Kaleigh also works as a volunteer, caring for kids of all ages. In April 2021, Kaleigh began as a member of CCASA’s finance committee, helping to oversee the budget and spending of the organization. Kaleigh works to help a number of oppressed communities in Colorado, also spending time making “wellness bags” for the homeless, full of necessities to help people through tough times.

Kaleigh has always made philanthropy and outreach a cornerstone of her lifestyle. In college she started her own organization, an Invisible Illness Club to help students with chronic illness transition to college life and raise awareness for all types of diseases. Her club orchestrated blood drives, game nights at the children’s hospitals of Cincinnati, and a 5k. Kaleigh also served as the Vice President of Standards for Kappa Delta, upholding community ideals for her sisterhood.

When Kaleigh is not working in the Denver Community, she enjoys skiing in Breckenridge with her family who lives there. When it is not ski season, she hikes, bikes, and kayaks to take in the outdoors. Kaleigh would be honored to expand her mission to heal the community in the present and the future by serving as a CCASA board member, committed to working towards true social justice.