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Lisa Ingarfield

Lisa Ingarfield

CFCEP Director

Lisa joined CCASA in November 2017 as the Project Director & Principal Investigator for the Colorado Forensic Compliance Evaluation Project. She has over 15 years’ experience in sexual assault response and prevention in Colorado. She earned her PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Denver in 2014. Her research focused on sexual violence victim advocacy and the manifestation of bias in advocacy relationships. She previously served as a board member and then board chair for CCASA, and managed the development of the You Have the Right campaign from 2019-2020. She also previously worked for the Division of Criminal Justice, Office for Victims Programs as the director of the Sexual Assault Response Program, assessing the state of forensic compliance in Colorado as well as developing data collection strategies to better understand problems and successes with criminal justice response to sexual assault. Lisa is now an independent research and evaluation consultant, focusing her work on program evaluation, sexual assault research, and communication strategies.

Email: lisa@ccasa.org

Areas of expertise:

  • forensic compliance
  • program evaluation and research
  • sexual assault reporting options
  • sexual assault response teams (SARTs)