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Freedom from Sexual Violence

STF Application

Thank you for your interest in CCASA’s Survivor Task Force (STF)! Participation in the STF is open to anyone who identifies as a victim/survivor of sexual violence or as the partner or family member or friend of a victim/survivor of sexual violence. Members are not required to publicly identify themselves as a survivor. Each person contributes to the Task Force in their own way. Please note that this is not a support group and the STF is not an avenue to change the outcome of a specific case. STF members should be at a place in their healing processes at which they have received supportive services and are able to positively contribute to CCASA’s mission.

Please fill out the form below so that we can learn more about you and your goals as a speaker! CCASA staff will be in touch after we receive your application. Please only include information you feel comfortable sharing. We ask questions about your identity because we sometimes receive specific speaking/media requests.

    Members of the STF participate in our mission to end sexual violence by assisting with various projects.
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