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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Event: Youth Sexual Health: Moving Past Scandal

Youth Sexual Health: Moving Past Scandal

While the concept of sexting has officially been around since 2007, more recently, after several “scandals” – both nationwide and local, sexting and media usage became a concern for youth, parents and schools. This webinar focuses on how to turn our reactive stances on media usage into a Positive Youth Development, risk reduction, and strengths-based approach to positively address a young person’s sexual health. This webinar will discuss the concerns, consequences, laws, and possible solutions to the sexual media usage among the youth in our lives. We will focus on how to create systems that support underage victims and prevent perpetration so that we move past scandal into opportunity.

Presented by Ruthie Kolb, Training Manager for Colorado Youth Matter

Ruthie Kolb has a background in reproductive health and education. As Training Manager, she combines her training in both fields to help educators bring effective and meaningful sexual health education to their classrooms. Kolb began her education experience in 2005 when she worked in curriculum design, teacher training, education research, and project management with the Education Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford University. Following that, Kolb received her teaching licensure and worked as a high school math teacher. Her sexual health interests began when she spent her pre-med practicum with an Ob-Gyn in 2004. Since then, she has studied to be a doula and a postpartum coach.

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