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ICYMI – January

In 2019, UNESCO established January 24th as World Day for African and Afrodescendant Culture. This year, CCASA honored this day by hosting a panel-style webinar titled: Celebrating and Reflecting on the Black Experience in advocacy. Attendees learned from panelists Dani Newsum, of Cobalt, and Lisa Jenkins, of Kingdom Builders as wells as from the moderator, CCASA’s own Brandi Dye. Registrants can access this training through CCASA’s YouTube page. We encourage you to learn more about the diverse experiences of being Black advocates in Colorado.

Welcome, Jordan! Jordan Rhodes has joined the CCASA team as our Sexual Assault Response Program Manager. With her background in advocacy, Title IX, and restorative justice, Jordan is not only a great fit  for our team but also an amazing resource for CCASA members. If you would like to explore the ways Jordan can support your organization, or just say hi, email her at jordan@ccasa.org

On January 19, HB23-1077, Informed Consent To Intimate Patient Examinations, became the first CCASA-developed bill to be introduced to the General Assembly this legislative session. Currently, anyone living in Colorado is at risk of undergoing a non-consensual intimate exam because there is no law specifically banning them. These non-consensual exams occur when patients are in vulnerable medical situations, such as sedation or otherwise unconscious, at a teaching institution. Simply, this practice violates bodily autonomy. This is why CCASA is championing HB23-1077.

CCASA is already active at the State Capitol this year, working on legislation. And we have the resources you need to get caught up on last year’s bills. Log into your Coalition Manager account > resources > bill resources.