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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Current Legislative Session

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CCASA Legislative Summary March 3, 2020 

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Bill # Sponsor Description  Position Status
HB20-1005 Rep. D. Michaelson Jenet | Rep. K. Van Winkle / Sen. R. Fields | Sen. P. Lundeen Concerning Enhancements To The Safe2Tell Program Monitor INTRsED
HB20-1014 Rep. Tipper | Janice Rich / Sen. Gardner Concerning Unconsented Use Of Donor Gamete In Fertility Treatment Passive Support sJUDamenAPP


HB20-1019 Rep. L. Herod / Sen. J. Gonzales Concerning Measures To Manage The State Prison Population Monitor sbG
HB20-1061 Rep. A. Valdez | Rep. L. Herod Concerning Pharmacists’ Ability To Provide HIV Infection Prevention Medications To Patients Monitor INTRsHHS
HB20-1079 Rep. A. Benavidez | Rep. J. Singer / Sen. R. Rodriguez Concerning The Implementation Of Recommendations From The Legislative Oversight Committee Concerning The Treatment Of Person With Mental Health Disorders In The Criminal And Juvenile Justice Systems Regarding Juveniles Who Have Committed Sex Offenses. Monitor hJUDamenAPP
HB20-1088 Rep. S. Gonzales-Gutierrez / Sen. J. Danielson Concerning Certification Of Victim Helplessness Active Support INTRsJUD
HB20-1114 Rep. S. Sandridge Concerning The Establishment Of The “Protection Of Minors From Mutilation And Sterilization Act” Monitor PI
HB20-1120 Rep. T. Carver | Rep. D. Roberts / Sen. Gardner | Sen. R. Fields Concerning Enhancing The Enforcement Of Crimes Of Sexual Exploitation Of A Child Passive Support INTRsJUD
HB20-1123 Rep. S. Lontine | Rep. M. Soper / Sen. P. Lee Concerning A Grace Period Before A Court Issues A Failure To Appear Warrant Monitor PI
HB20-1144 Rep. R. Pelton Concerning The Creation Of A Parent’s Bill Of Rights Monitor PI
HB20-1189 Rep. R. Bockenfeld / Sen. K. Priola Concerning An Income Tax Credit For An Amount Contributed To A Nonprofit Organization To Assist Victims Of Human Trafficking. Monitor PI
HB20-1228 Rep. M. Froelich / Sen. J. Danielson Concerning Forensic Medical Evidence Of Sexual Assault. Active Support INTRsHHS
HB20-1274 Rep. M. Soper Concerning Matters Related To The Amount Of Time Of A Felony Sentence A Person Is Required To Serve Prior To Being Eligible For Parole. Monitor PI
HB20-1277 Rep. T. Geitner Concerning Written Notification Of Rights Related To Investigations Of Child Abuse Or Neglect. Monitor INTRhPHC
HB20-1278 Rep. M. Duran | Rep. J. Singer / Sen. R. Fields Concerning Procedures For A Domestic Abuser Upon The Issuance Of A Protection Order. Monitor INTRhJUD
HB20-1296 Rep. D. Michaelson Jenet | Rep. M. Soper / Sen. J. Gonzales | Sen. D. Coram Concerning Changing The Statute Of Limitations Applicable To Civil Actions Alleging Sexual Misconduct For Which The Statute Of Limitations Has Not Yet Run As Of January 1, 2021. Active Support hCOWLO
HB20-1302 Rep. S. Lontine Concerning Changes To Improve The Protection Services For At-Risk Adults Monitor hPASS
HB20-1307 Rep. L. Herod | Rep. M. Soper / Sen. J. Tate | Sen. J. Bridges Concerning Banning The Use Of A Panic Defense Unless A Party Can Show It Fits Relevance To The Court Passive Support INTRsJUD
HB20-1324 Rep. T. Carver | Rep. M. Duran / Sen. R. Zenzinger | Sen. P. Lundeen Concerning Increased Support For Domestic Abuse Programs Through Voluntary Contributions Monitor INTRhFIN
SB20-001 Sen. R. Fields / Rep. S. Beckman | Rep. E. Sirota Concerning Expanding Behavioral Health Training For Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade Educators Monitor sEDamenAPP
SB20-059 Sen. D. Hisey / Rep. C. Larson Concerning Sexual Assault On A Student By An Educator Monitor INTRhJUD
SB20-060 Sen. J. Gonzales | Sen. Re. Rodriguez / Rep. S. Gonzales-Gutierrez Concerning A Study To Examine Operational Processes Within The Criminal Justice System Monitor sJUDamenAPP
SB20-070 Sen. D. Coram | Sen. P. Lee / Rep. M. Catlin | Rep. M. Gray Traffic Offense Classification And Penalties Passive Support sFINamenAPP
SB20-072 Sen. B. Gardner / Rep. C. Larson Concerning The Requirement To Provide Information To Parents Regarding The Materials Used During Comprehensive Human Sexuality Instruction Monitor PI
SB20-075 Sen. L. Crowder Concerning The Authority Of Certain Advanced Practice Nurses To Conduct Competency Evaluations Monitor PI
SB20-076 Sen. P. Lee / Rep. S. Gonzales-Gutierrez Concerning Parole Eligibility For An Offender Who Committed An Offense Between Eighteen And Twenty-Five Years Of Age Monitor sJUDamenAPP
SB20-083 Sen. J. Gonzales / Rep. L. Herod Concerning Prohibiting Civil Arrest While On Courthouse Grounds Monitor hPASS
SB20-085 Sen. R. Zenzinger | Sen. B. Gardner / Rep. D. Michaelson Jenet | Rep. M. Soper Concerning A Requirement That A Sex Offender Being Placed In A Community Corrections Program Meet Certain Requirements For A Sex Offender Being Released On Parole Monitor hCOWLO
SB20-102 Sen. J. Ginal | Sen. J. Cooke / Rep. Y. Caraveo Concerning Required Disclosures To Patients Regarding Formal Actions Based On Sexual Misconduct Active Support hHIamenCOW
SB20-161 Sen. P. Lee | Sen. B. Gardner / Rep. L. Herod | Rep. M. Soper Concerning Pretrial Release, And, In Connection Therewith, Requiring A Pretrial Release Assessment Process, An Administrative Order For Immediate Pretrial Release Without Monetary Conditions, And A Pretrial Services Program. Monitor sJUDamenAPP
SB20-170 Sen. J. Danielson Concerning Employment Security, And, In Connection Therewith, Amending The Definition Of “Immediate Family”, Removing A Requirement Rhat A Claimant Suffering From Domestic Violence Provide Written Documentation Of The Domestic Violence In Order To Establish The Claimant’s Eligibility For Benefits, And Limiting The Meaning Of Certain Instances Of The Term “Remuneration” To Describe A Severance Allowance. Passive Support sFINamenAPP
SB20-172 Sen. P. Lee | Sen. V. Marble / Rep. L. Herod | Rep. M. Soper Concerning A Requirement That A Court Hold A Bond Setting Hearing Within Forty-Eight Hours After An Arrestee’s Arrival At A Detention Facility. Monitor sJUDamenAPP
SB20-179 Sen. M. Foote / Rep. H. Herod | Rep. K. Tipper Concerning Required Data Collection By District Attorneys Related To Defendants That Is Available To The Public. Monitor INTRsJUD
SB20-181 Sen. P. Lee / Rep. M. Weissman Concerning Measures To Improve Outcomes For Defendants Who May Be Found Incompetent To Proceed. Monitor sJUDamenAPP


*amen= amend; APP= Appropriations Committee; ANR= Agriculture & Natural Resources; BAL= Business Affairs & Labor; BLT= Business, Labor, & Technology;  COW= Committee of the Whole; CC= Conference Committee; ED= Education; EE= Energy & Environment; h= House; s= Senate; FIN= Finance Committee; HI= Health & Insurance;  HHS= Health & Human Services Committee; INTR= Introduced; JUD= Judiciary Committee; LC= Legislative Council; LO= Laid Over; LG= Local Government; PI= Postponed Indefinitely; PASS= Passed third reading; PHC= Public Health Care & Human Services; RAA= Rural Affairs & Agriculture; SbG= Signed by Governor; SbP= Signed by President of the Senate (Resolution); SbS= Signed by Speakers of the House (Resolution); StG= Sent to Governor; SVMA= State, Veteran’s & Military Affairs Committee; TE= Transportation & Energy; TLG= Transportation & Local Government.


For detailed information and current versions of bills, please visit general assembly website at: The bill numbers in this document are also hyperlinked to the bill.