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Freedom from Sexual Violence

2019 Legislative Session

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April 1, 2019

Bill # Sponsor Description  Position Status
SB19-007 B. Pettersen | F. Winter /

B. McLachlan | J. Buckner

Prevent Sexual Misconduct At Higher Ed Campuses Support IntrsED
SB19-049 R. Fields Statute Of Limitation Failure Report Child Abuse Active Monitor SbG
HB19-1051 T. Carver | B. McLachlan /

B. Gardner | J. Ginal

Human Trafficking Prevention Training By Department of Public Safety Active Monitor *amenhAPP
HB19-1032 S. Lontine | N. Todd / D. Coram Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education Active Support *amensAPP
HB19-1030 M. Soper, D. Roberts Unlawful Electronic Sexual Communication Support IntrsJUD
HB19-1251 C. Hansen Age Of Marriage and Emancipation Procedure Active Monitor PI
HB19-1064 T. Sullivan Victim Notification Criminal Proceedings Active Monitor *amenhAPP
SB19-071 R. Fields |D. Roberts Child Hearsay Exception Passive Support SbG
SB19-030 J. Gonzales Remedying Improper Guilty Pleas Passive Support *amensAPP
HB19-1112 P. Neville Child Safety Accounts Active Monitor PI
SB19-100 B. Gardner Unauthorized Disclosure of Intimate Images Act Active Amend PASS
SB19-085 J. Danielson, B. Pettersen | J. Buckner, S. Gonzales-Gutierrez Equal Pay for Equal Work Act Active Monitor *amensAPP
SB19-043 P. Lee, B. Gardner | L. Herod, T. Carver Increasing Number of District Court Judges Passive Support StG
SB19-008 K. Priola, B. Pettersen | C. Kennedy, J. Singer Substance Use Disorder Treatment In Criminal Justice System Active Monitor IntrsJUD
HB19-1133 Y. Caraveo | R. Fields Colorado Child Abuse Response and Evaluation Network Active Amend *amenhAPP
HB19-1129 D. Michaelson Jenet, D. Esgar | S. Fenberg Prohibit Conversion Therapy for A Minor Support SbG
HB19-1125 J. Melton Mental Health Professional Access to Dismissed Complaint Active Monitor PI
HB19-1120 D. Michaelson Jenet, D. Roberts | S. Fenberg Youth Mental Health Education and Suicide Prevention Passive Support *amenhAPP
HB19-1081 D. Williams Respondent Rights Discrimination Complaints Active Monitor PI
HB19-1024 H. McKean Colorado Youth Advisory Council Review Committee Passive Support *amensLC
HB19-1017 D. Michaelson Jenet | R. Fields Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade Social And Emotional Health Act Passive Support *amenhAPP
HB19-1063 L. Kraft-Tharp |P. Lee At-risk Information Sharing Between County Departments Active monitor SbG
HB19-1122 J. Buckner | R. Fields Colorado Department Of Public Health and Environment Maternal Mortality Review Committee Passive Support *amenhAPP
HB19-1130 L. Liston | R. Fields County Sheriff Qualification Training Requirements Passive Support LOST
HB19-1149 S. Gonzales-Gutierrez | P. Lee Age Of Delinquency Study Active Monitor IntrsJUD
HB19-1155 D. Michaelson Jenet, T. Carver Additions To Definition Of Sexual Contact Passive Support StG
SB19-149 L. Garcia | M. Froelich Sunset Human Trafficking Council Active Monitor *amensAPP
SB19-143 J. Gonzales | L. Herod Parole Changes Active Monitor *amdnsAPP
SB19-170 R. Rodriguez, J. Tate | L. Herod Inquiry Into College Applicant Criminal History Active Monitor IntrsED
SB19-185 R. Fields, P. Lundeen | L. Landgraf Protections For Minor Human Trafficking Victims Active Monitor IntrsSVMA
SB19-188 F. Winter, A. Williams | M. Gray, M. Duran FAMLI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program Active Monitor *amensFIN
HB19-1166 J. Singer, C. Larson | R. Zenzinger Name-based Criminal History Record Check Active Monitor PASS
HB19-1106 B. Titone, S. Gonzales-Gutierrez | B. Pettersen Rental Application Fees Active Monitor PASS
HB19-1225 L. Herod, M. Soper No Monetary Bail for Certain Low-level Offenses Active Monitor IntrsJUD
HB19-1226 L. Herod, M. Soper | P. Lee Bond Reform Active Monitor IntrhJUD
SB19-163 B. Pettersen | R. Galindo Sunset Cold Case Task Force Active Monitor sAPP
SB19-193 J. Ginal, P. Lee Sunset Continue Colorado Medical Practice Act Active Monitor IntrsJUD
SB19-191 J. Bridges, V. Marble Prompt Pretrial Liberty and Fairness Active Monitor IntrsJUD
HB19-1250 L. Herod Sexual Assault While In Custody Or Detained Support *amenhAPP
SB19-201 B. Pettersen | K. Tipper, H. McKean Open Discussions About Adverse Health Care Incidents Active Monitor IntrsJUD
HB19-1282 J. Singer, D. Michaelson Jenet Court-appointed Special Advocate Program Oversight Active Monitor IntrhJUD
SB19-222 P. Lee, T. Story | D. Esgar, L. Landgraf Individuals At Risk Of Institutionalization Active Monitor IntrsJUD
SB19-223 P. Lee | M. Weissman, L. Landgraf Actions Related To Competency To Proceed Active Monitor IntrsJUD


Abbreviations Key

amen= amend
APP= Appropriations Committee
ANR= Agriculture & Natural Resources
BAL= Business Affairs & Labor
BLT= Business, Labor, & Technology
COW= Committee of the Whole
CC= Conference Committee
ED= Education
EE= Energy & Environment
FIN= Finance Committee
h= House
HI= Health & Insurance
HHS= Health & Human Services Committee
INTR= Introduced
JUD= Judiciary Committee
LO= Laid Over
LG= Local Government
PI= Postponed Indefinitely
PASS= Passed third reading
PHC= Public Health Care & Human Services
RAA= Rural Affairs & Agriculture
s= Senate
SbG= Signed by Governor
SbP= Signed by President of the Senate (Resolution)
SbS= Signed by Speakers of the House (Resolution)
StG= Sent to Governor
SVMA= State, Veteran’s & Military Affairs Committee
TE= Transportation & Energy
TLG= Transportation & Local Government