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Freedom from Sexual Violence

Legislative Session Archives

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On May 9, 2014 CCASA staff joined survivors, CCASA members, partners, and elected officials for Governor Hickenlooper’s signing of House Bill 1162. This legislation created civil legal protections for sex assault victims who have a child conceived as a result of sexual assault.  

2018 Legislative Summary

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Past Session Fact Sheets

2010- SB 10-66 Mandatory Reporting: Signed by Governor 6.10.10!

2011- HB11-1138 Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) Reauthorization: Signed by Governor 5.27.11!

2012 – HB12-1151 Human Trafficking and Prostitution: Signed by Governor 5.11.12!

2013-  HB 13-1163 Sexual Assault Victim Emergency Payment Program: Signed by Governor 5.13.13!2017 Legislative Session Report

2014 – HB 14-1162 Concerning Protection of the Victim of a Sexual Assault In Cases Where a Child Was Conceived as a Result of the Sexual Assault: Signed by Governor 5.9.14!

2015 – SB 15-128 Reporting Options for Victims: Signed by Governor 3.30.15!

2017 – HB 17-1302  Juvenile Sexting Crime: Signed by Governor 6.06.17!