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RE: Why date rapists hate TABOR

On February 24, 2017 the Denver Post published an opinion piece titled “Why date rapists hate TABOR.”

CCASA submitted the following Letter to the Editor in response:

Date rape is not analogous to tax legislation. The assertion that it is trivializes sexual violence and diminishes its devastating impacts.

Caldara oversimplifies consent saying, “silence too means no. Only yes means yes.” The ugly truth Caldara ignores is that silence can mean being raped while unconscious, violated under coercion, and more. In stark contrast, taxpayers voted on Referendum C, and the consequences of TABOR are a direct result of democratic processes. Furthermore, legislation can be created, revised, and destroyed while the experience of rape cannot. In his attempt to convey passion and engage an audience, Caldara exploits the sensationalism of sexual violence. Political losses do not equate to rape.

I encourage readers not to demonize Caldara, but question why this comparison was made in the first place, and consider this article as evidence that rape culture, the normalization and trivialization of sexual violence, is still alive and well.

Brie Franklin
CCASA Executive Director

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