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Freedom from Sexual Violence

83% The Intersection of Developmental Disability and Sexual Violence

Association for Community Living - Boulder
Presented by:
Caitlin Looney
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Those at the ‘Intersection’ are three times more likely to experience sexual violence in their lives. However, the overwhelming majority of services for survivors of sexual assault does not have the supports in place to meet the needs of people with disabilities. This training will stimulate thought about the social constructs and social barriers surrounding developmental disabilities, and will explore how those constructs contribute to the lack of reporting and the targeting and abuse of people with disabilities. Participants will 1) learn how to identify various disabilities, 2) how to use disability etiquette to build relationship, 3) discuss new concepts that inform their work, 4) learn how to assess the disability-awareness of their own organization, and 5) gain access to skills from a conversational toolbox that aim to help better communicate with our neighbors with developmental disabilities.