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Self-Care in the New Year Series: CCASA’s Rosa Molina

By Rosa Molina, Program Assistant at CCASA

I’d like to say that I prioritize myself and practice yoga or quietly meditate or attend fabulous gallery opening’s, but being a mom to three little boogers doesn’t give me much “me” time. So in order to not go crazy, I sing my butt of every day after work (off key or not!).

If it’s been a tough day and I am feeling down, I might croon along to Billie Holiday. If, after a long day at the office I’m bouncing off the walls, I might jam out to some Earth, Wind, and Fire. Even on days when I feel a little angry at the world, I throw on some amazing rock jamz (although I will spare you the sometimes not very nice sounding band names and song titles!). This is just one of my favorite ways to un-wind and “do me.” They say, “Music soothes the savage beast.” Consider me soothed! What music soothes you?

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