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New Campaign and Website Launched to Support Colorado Sexual Assault Survivors, Friends, and Family


October 29, 2020

New Campaign and Website Launched to Support Colorado Sexual Assault Survivors, Friends, and Family

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA), in partnership with the Colorado Forensic Compliance Team, a statewide group of professionals from various disciplines, launched a new campaign and website called You Have the Right. The focus is to help survivors, family, and friends navigate sexual assault reporting options, rights, and resources throughout Colorado.

In Colorado, you do not have to report a sexual assault to the police to receive medical care. You Have the Right helps survivors and their friends and family members identify sexual assault, seek medical care, and understand if reporting is required and how to report an assault.

The website (www.youhavetherightco.org or www.tieneelderechoco.org) includes a map of support services such as 24/7 support, sexual assault nurse examiner medical programs, legal support, mental health, and more. Resources can be searched by a variety of options including area, and services for specific populations, languages, and ages (children and adults).

The You Have the Right Campaign is aimed at educating the public on Colorado’s sexual assault reporting options provided by state and federal law. Research has shown public knowledge is limited on the issue, which means few survivors are aware of the options they have after experiencing a sexual assault. The site is a first of its kind in Colorado, providing information to rural and urban communities as well as being available in both English and Spanish.

“CCASA and our partners have worked for more than a decade to create laws in Colorado that give survivors options for seeking medical and support services so they can access the resources they need to heal. Some survivors may not want to talk with a police officer right away, but still want to have evidence collected in case they decide to report later. It’s also important that survivors are able to get medical care without having to make a police report,” said Brie Franklin, executive director at the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault, “You Have the Right is an exciting new website that puts all of the information survivors, their family, and friends need about these options and resources in one place.”

The name derives from wanting to express that Coloradans have the Right to go about their day without fear of being sexually assaulted. The right to wear what they want, stay out late, hike in our beautiful Colorado mountains, or to party. It also references the 2008, 2013, and 2015 Colorado laws that lay out a variety of reporting rights for survivors, which include not having to make a report and participate in a police investigation.

In the coming months advocates, college campus staff, and other providers will have access to a tool kit containing posters, social media graphics, and tips for raising awareness in their communities.


Contact: Brie Franklin, Executive Director, Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Direct Line: 303.839.0029
Email: brie@ccasa.org

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