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CCASA and the Sexual Offender Management Board

By Jordan Rhodes

CCASA attends the Sexual Offender Management Board (SOMB) Victim Advocacy Committee monthly meeting, a committee under the Sex Offender Management Board. The goal of the SOMB Victim Advocacy Committee is to provide input, review documentation, and ensure that there is victim representation in all processes of the SOMB.

The SOMB is a regulatory board that is responsible for the treatment, evaluation, and coordinated supervision of sex offenders. The offenders who fall under the purview of the SOMB are those who were found guilty by a jury of their peers, convicted of a sex crime, and are in treatment and being managed in the community as part of their sentence. Although they represent a miniscule percentage of the individuals who commit sex crimes, CCASA believes the work that the SOMB does is vital to survivor and community safety.

The 2023 legislative session, Senate Bill 23-164 which concerns recommendations for the SOMB and its 7-year continuation, is undergoing sunset review. CCASA supports the work the SOMB does and believes it is an essential for ensuring offenders receive effective treatment and management, so they do not commit another sexual offense. This is the goal of the Sex Offender Management Board and why it is vital to ensuring victim and public safety, and offender accountability.

The SOMB Victim Advocacy Committee Meeting is attended by Jordan Rhodes, Sexual Assault Response Program Manager at CCASA. For more information on the SOMB Victim Advocacy Committee Meeting and CCASA’s role, please contact Jordan at jordan@ccasa.org.