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CCASA’s Role on the Sexual Misconduct Advisory Committee

By Elizabeth Newman

The Sexual Misconduct Advisory Committee (SMAC) was created through CCASA’s legislative efforts to address and prevent sexual misconduct on college campuses. The bill, SB19-007, made changes to policy and training requirements for institutions of higher education (IHE) in the state and formed the Advisory Committee to provide guidance and recommendations related to Title IX regulations and sexual violence on college campuses. CCASA Public Policy Director, Elizabeth Newman, co-chairs this policy body comprised of representatives from Colorado Institutes of Higher Education, attorneys representing the perspectives of complainants and respondents, victim advocates, and trauma-informed care providers.

Earlier this year, the SMAC issued its fourth report which included a total of 26 recommendations to IHEs and the Colorado General Assembly. A bill, currently making its way through the state legislature, will continue the committee indefinitely. This means the committee can continue to be a resource for IHEs, the General Assembly, and the state of Colorado. As the Title IX landscape and best practices for addressing and preventing campus sexual assault shift, CCASA remains committed to serving the interests of survivors through systems-change and policy advocacy.