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SART Series #2– “Men Too: Male Victimization”

SART Series #2-- "Men Too: Male Victimization"

07mayAll DaySART Series #2-- "Men Too: Male Victimization"(All Day: Tuesday)(GMT-06:00) 13495 Holly St. Thornton, CO 80602

Event Details

This presentation will explore male gender socialization, masculine identity, and social expectations for men and boys. We will explore the role that “fear” plays because there are tangible consequences for being perceived “less than” manly. These fears frequently become barriers to reporting and in seeking help following these tragic identity-challenging experiences. All these variables together create an impossible atmosphere for a healthy expression of emotions and access to justice and healing. Participants will be presented with hard-hitting video and audio examples to assist in understanding the overwhelming and frequent maladaptive reactions to male sexual assault. Compelling research on male victimization will also be presented as it relates to other gender identities. Finally, we will explore how identifying as trans or having other complicated identities (ability, race, nation status issues, HIV, poverty…) can further impact marginalization thus we have to work through the lens of applied intersectionality. This presentation will be beneficial to all professionals responding to male victims. “Ending Violence Against Women” can be more effectively accomplished with a better understanding of the implications and outcomes of violence against all genders and other identities that play an important role.



7th May 2024 All Day(GMT-06:00)


Trail Winds Recreation Center

13495 Holly St. Thornton, CO 80602

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