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Having “The Talk” with Your Spouse, Partner, or Significant Other

By Kemi Chavez

Years ago, when I decided it was time to begin having “The Talk” with my eldest daughter, I really wasn’t sure how or where to begin. I could of course tell her about the standards – the birds and the bees, body parts, etc. But what about talking about sexual abuse? There was something even more important! What does my husband want to say? What information does he want to share? And do we agree on the topics to be discussed?

Whether you’re married, otherwise attached, divorced, whatever the case – be sure to have The Talk with your spouse, partner or
significant other. Since you both have influence on your child and your child’s environment, this is one of the more important topics on which you should agree.

Here are a few questions to discuss:

1. What’s a good age to begin The Talk?

2. What kind of things do we want to discuss (consider making a list)?

3. What’s our goal, what do want our child to know?

Remember, this is just a start to an ongoing conversation with your child. As your child matures, so will the nature of your discussion. Don’t feel pressed to cover everything the first time, that would be impossible and overwhelming for everyone involved.

For more information, please visit Protecting Childhood online at www.ProtectingChildhood.org/.

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