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In the News (Apr. 5, 2014- Apr. 11, 2014)

URGENT POLICY UPDATE:  HB 1162, a bill providing protections when a child is conceived as a result of rape, passed unanimously out of the Colorado House and is now moving onto the Senate!  Stay tuned for policy alerts and how you can get involved.


rape culture1Help raise awareness about rape culture for SAAM (CCASA created a pic campaign for you to share!)

This is another instance of rape culture, not a “childish prank” that spun out of control.

Women experiencing homelessness may not report rape because they don’t think they’ll be believed.

Women in Portland, OR now have the choice to use a Jane Doe rape kit to report a rape anonymously.

Senator Gillibrand is targeting rape on college campuses.

In Oakland, protestors are marching against a recent uptick in child sexual assaults.

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