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In the News (Aug. 15, 2014- Sept. 15, 2014)

Rape culture in the Alaskan wilderness, and what it means to be part of a tight-knit community and bring up the topic of rape.

Police in Cleveland hope to uncover similar cases by exposing more of the evidence in the rape of a jogger.

KU students insist that the university call rape rape.

The CDC pulled together stats from NISVS 2011 to help make incidents of sexual violence and stalking more tangible to the American public.

Other students are helping the Columbia University student who pledged to carry her mattress around until her rapist was no longer allowed on campus.

A student at Columbia will carry her mattress with her until her rapist is no longer on campus.

At least 1,400 children in a British town were groomed for rape and sexual assault while authorities looked the other way.

Next time someone asks you what a woman means when she says something, maybe you could, um, ask her.

The Title IX investigation of Jameis Winston has been re-opened.

A reminder: don’t look at those nude celeb photos. John and Molly Knefel, who host a podcast called Radio Dispatch also discuss this and how it relates to a culture of misogyny and shaming women’s bodies.

Gross University of Kansas. Just gross.

And, gross Cee Lo. Just gross.

A new study released by UNICEF reveals that 1:10 girls is raped or sexually assaulted before age 20.

Fox News defends street harassment.

Jessica Valenti on the anti-rape nail polish. And, who wants to dip their fingers in their drink before every sip anyway?

Nope, this rape joke isn’t funny, LeAnn Rimes.

California passed a campus sexual assault (“yes means yes”) bill.

Faculty Against Rape stand with survivors.

The problem with simple solutions to solving sexual violence, as explained through the stovetop myth.

Women in Spain re-decorated city hall after the mayor suggested that women are to blame for sexual assault.

This guy thinks that rape is like bicycle theft.

Do’s and Don’ts to combat online sexism and harassment (hint: many of these would also work in face-to-face interactions).

An Oklahoma City cop is  under arrest for assaulting and raping a woman.

A veteran on the Iowa GOP ticket speaks about her experiences with sexual assault in the military.

Nail polish that changes colors when exposed to date rape drugs? You might one day be able to buy that!

NPR is on it! Group dynamics and sexual assault: how they impact campuses (and a lot other facets of society). And apparently some parents are speaking to their kids about sexual assault.

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