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In the News (Aug. 9, 2014- Aug.15, 2014)

A helpful comic about sexual harassment. Because we all like to read the comics with our morning (or afternoon) drink of choice.

Mal’ik Richmond, who was convicted in the Stubenville rape case, will be returning to the football field.

The disturbing trend in Grand Theft Auto – virtual rape.

A personal essay about sexual harassment in the sciences.

Jezebel called out Gawker media (their parent company) this week for their rape gif and problematic stance on sexual assault.

Haven’t been following the news about how campuses should handle rape cases? This will help catch you up. And, SUNY is the first school to support the new sexual assault bill.

Two Yale students have been expelled following sexual assault charges. 76 schools are under federal investigation about how they handled sexual assault cases.

A former pastor faces 28 sexual assault charges.

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