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In the News (Feb. 1, 2014- Feb. 7, 2014)

Alaska’s incidence of reported rape and sexual is much higher than the national average. But, does this really mean that it happens more often there, or just that more people, per capita, are coming forward?

A Tacoma, WA teacher will be charged later today (Friday) with two incidents of child rape.

Part 1 of a 2-part article on rape culture at MIT, and how MIT can do better.

A thirteen-year-old boy admitted to raping his younger sister after watching porn.

Earlier this week, the UN issued a report on how Vatican policies protected priests who sexually abused children. This is one woman’s story.

Buzzfeed explains rape culture (yes, really) Buzzfeed.

Lt. Col Robert Bateman writes for Esquire about why men should care about rape and sexual assault in the military, and a top Army official told soldiers that if they aren’t part of the process of ending sexual assault in the military, they’re part of the problem.

How to undermine a rape victim & the impact of victim shaming: HuffPo Canada calls out the troubling dialogue around Dylan Farrow’s open letter in the NY Times earlier this week (and the preface to the open letter itself).

On why it’s not okay to dismiss claims of childhood sexual abuse just because children (or adult survivors) may not provide a coherent narrative about the abuse. And, Andrea Grimes wants to know what would make you believe a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

The ACLU published a short article reminding readers of how trans* and gender nonconforming folks are targeted in prisons.

A mother honors her daughter’s courage in returning to the university where she was raped by a group of football players by writing an open letter to parents about the covering up of sexual assault on campuses.

The Bandana Project is working to raise awareness about sexual assault against agricultural workers.


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