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In the News (Feb. 6, 2015-Feb.13, 2015)

A former Vanderbilt football player has been convicted of raping his then-girlfriend along with others on the team.

Male victims of campus sexual assault are speaking up.

Nearly a quarter of sexual assaults reported on campus don’t get hearings.

In the UK, new laws will make it so people accused of date rape must prove their partner said yes.

Why is a system that is supposed to protect women mimicking abusers?

Stanford students are not shocked by latest rape allegations.

A reaction to Hoff Summers’ article that was published last week, on campus violence.

In a new documentary, Jameis Winston’s accuser goes public. See the trailer for that movie, The Hunting Ground, and another, It Happened Here which both highlight the issue of campus sexual assault, here.

A teacher accused of raping a student turned herself in.

The ways rapists use social media can help them “cover their tracks.”

A Breckenridge massage therapist has been accused of sexual assault.

Some thoughts on trolls.

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