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In the News (July 19, 2014- July 25, 2014)

Convictions like this demonstrate that yes, spousal rape is still rape.

Two Longhorns players are charged with sexual assault, and are suspended.

A man convinces his friend to rape his ex-girlfriend, in a locked car.

Florida State is hiring experts to the staff and training student education around sexual assault.

As Dallas catches up on its backlog of rape kits, at least one person (who was convicted of rape in 1990!) is exonerated by DNA evidence.

Two horrifying reports about the same high school rape case, which underscore how high schools might be even worse than colleges about handling rape cases.

The Montana judge who gave a 30-day rape sentence last year has been publicly reprimanded. That’s something, right? Right? Um…

When does a woman owe a man sex? Check out this awesome infographic for the answer!

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