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In The News (May 15, 2015 – May 22, 2015)

Compiled by Liz Clift, CCASA Contributor

The President of Columbia refused to shake Emma Sulkowicz’s hand when she walked across the stage, with her mattress.

And, as if that wasn’t enough posters were plastered around campus suggesting that her story is a hoax.

Know Your Title IX has created a guide for alumni who’d like to fight campus rape at their alma maters.

A new portrait series shows what women feel like they need to carry to protect themselves.

A college is being sued for forcing students to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds.

Did the city of New York permit guards to sexually abuse prisoners at Rikers?

How dress codes teach that girls’ bodies are dangerous and that harassment is inevitable.

There’s a hidden backlog of untested rape kits in warehouses.

I am not a pretty little liar.”


Image Credit: http://media1.s-nbcnews.com/i/newscms/2015_21/1032796/150519-mattress-stage-high-res-2p_5bcf80fd389a05bbcf6516843db35e4c.jpg

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