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In the News (Nov. 15, 2013- Nov. 22, 2013)

Sexual assault by the numbers.Catching Fire

High school students walk out of an assembly after a speaker objectifies and slut-shames women.

The Central Park Five are waiting – and hoping – to speak to another woman who was assaulted by the man whose DNA cleared their names.

How to use The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to teach social justice.

A foreign judgment on rape committed by a US sailor is being upheld in a US court.

The Senate has begun talks about how the US military can overhaul the way it treats allegations of sexual assault.

Cops told a woman her life would be made miserable if she decided to press charges against the man who allegedly raped her. Why? Because it’s a big football town, and the man who she’s accusing is a Florida State football star.

Alabama (finally) pardons the last of the Scottsboro boys.

Sexual assault is vastly underreported. USA TODAY is on it!

A high school freshman is charged with robbing, raping, and murdering a math teacher.

Scottsboro Boys
Scottsboro Boys

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