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In the News (Oct. 12, 2013- Oct. 18, 2013)

Mainstream media is calling this case another Stubenville. Anonymous is calling for justice. A Fox News correspondent claims one teen should have expected it by sneaking out in the early morning hours. And because of public outcry the case has been assigned a special prosecutor. Welcome to the coverage of the Maryville, MO rapes.

If your campus has a rape trail, maybe your campus has a problem with rape.

Let’s talk about rape. Alcohol may be common in rape cases. Rapists are more common.

Elizabeth Smart talks about rape culture and how it affected her after her kidnapping and rapes in childhood. Jessica Valenti says we’re not doing enough to talk about rape culture – because we’re relying on Tumblr and other girls (and women) to tell others that it’s okay to say “no.”

A woman was forced to re-watch porn clips her alleged attackers made her watch while raping her. She fainted in court.

A reminder that a person (in this case, a birdwatcher) can be raped at any age – and still see their rapist sent to jail. Duckling Image

Dear Prudence: women (or girls) drinking isn’t what causes rape.

The Fifth Estate ignores the rape allegations against Julian Assange.

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