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In the News (Oct. 19, 2013- Oct. 25, 2013)

Justice for Daisy had people in the street on Tuesday.

An Ohio University student has been identified as the person at the center of an alleged rape that took place on the campus earlier this month, and has been harassed by other 1390678_684319878247330_406300155_nstudents who are accusing her of making false charges. However, she isn’t the person in the photographs.

A girl was gang-raped and then set on fire.

Revenge porn is still really easy to get away with: it’s legal in every state but New Jersey and California.

A response to victim-blaming in the New York Times.

Another (alleged) sexual assault on a trans* woman.

People who rape cause rape? Say what?

Shirts encouraging rape have been pulled from Etsy.

Time magazine reports on the media’s dissemination of potentially triggering images.

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