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In the News (Oct. 4, 2013- Oct. 11, 2013)

Canada’s definition of sexual assault hurts victims.DowntonAbbey1

Rape on Downton Abbey isn’t the same as “more sex,” Katy Rink.

Right to Life MI would like insurers to prohibit abortions even in cases of rape and incest.

Chris Brown on whether or not he was raped as a child (SPOILER: he says he wasn’t).

How we talk about rape culture allows us to avoid coming to terms with it or doing something about it.

An adult has been charged in the Stubenville rape case for tampering with the evidence.

Emerson College models how not to run a rape investigation.

“One in seven [high school and college perpetrators of sexual violence] believed that he or she was ‘not at all responsible for what happened,’ and almost 4 in 10 said they considered the victim somewhat or completely responsible for the reported incident.”

Another drawback to unpaid internships: you might not be able to sue your employer if you experience sexual harassment on the job.

Here are five ways to help promote consent culture on college campus.

A rape trauma doctor from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was among the favorites to win the Nobel Peace Prize (awarded on Oct 11).

From CIA World Factbook
From CIA World Factbook

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