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Your Colorado Gives Day Gift Helps CCASA Grow!

The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault was founded in 1984 as the collective voice of rape crisis centers across the state. Today CCASA’s membership is made up of survivors, advocates, sexual and domestic violence centers, medical professionals, college and university campuses, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, public officials, and others concerned about sexual violence.

Our organization provides leadership, advocacy, training and support to address and prevent sexual violence. CCASA’s symbol has long been a tree. As the statewide coalition of sexual assault agencies, we believe we act as a tree for our members. A tree represents connection and reminds all of us we are not alone in our efforts to promote safety and healing for survivors. The CCASA tree grows by providing information to members about how they can grow as stronger advocates for survivors. We need roots for our foundation, a trunk for support, branches for nourishment and leaves for strength.

CCASA is a nonprofit which survives on grants but thrives on the generous support of individuals in the community. In the same manner a tree grows tall and bountiful with nourishment, CCASA grows with sustenance from the community.  Will you please make your Colorado Gives Day Donation now to allow CCASA to continue to support its members?

Policy Work

CCASA is a force at the State Capitol by working to pass thoughtful, meaningful legislation on behalf of sexual assault survivors. This policy work is done without the help of state or federal grants. Policy work is only possible with the financial assistance of members of the community.

During the 2022 legislative session, CCASA’s Policy Team worked with key stakeholders to secure millions of dollars for crime victims. CCASA was also successful in its efforts to establish the Office of Liaison for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives. We also helped pass legislation allowing hospitals to provide a full course of drugs to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections to sexual assault patients.

In past legislative sessions, CCASA helped pass meaningful legislation, like the elimination of the civil statute of limitations for sexual assault, the criminalization of rape within a marriage, the creation of the anonymous reporting option for sexual assault victims, plus many others. But like a tree without water, without funds to pay for a policy team, CCASA won’t be able to continue the meaningful progress against sexual violence.

Will you please make you Colorado Gives Day Donation now to allow CCASA to continue to pass impactful legislation?


From the CCASA Tree, we have growing branches. In addition to online webinars, CCASA conducts the Sexual Assault Response Team Institute which focuses on collaboration. The Sexual Assault Advocacy Training Institute (SAATI) provides skills for advocates to support survivors who need healing.

CCASA has now added an online SAATI program for members to obtain sexual assault advocate certification- a leaf added to a branch. New stems of skill are grown on the CCASA knowledge branch through the annual CCASA Annual Campus Meeting. Campus-based advocates convene, network, and enhance their skills through training and discussion on current topics and trends in higher education CCASA also provides individualized trainings, the leaves of our tree, for specific needs related to sexual violence of our members throughout Colorado.

Will you please make your Colorado Gives Day Donation now to allow CCASA to continue grow our branches?

What Your Gift Can Do

Your Colorado Gives Day donation will help CCASA deliver the tools designed to give advocates the necessary information to guide sexual assault survivors on their healing journeys through high-quality trainings. When you make a one-time gift on Colorado Gives Day or become a monthly donor to the CCASA Tree:

o            You can take pride in the contributions this tree makes to the movement to end sexual violence in our community.

o            You will know that CCASA is committed to watching our tree flourish by educating the public and shifting social norms as we build stronger communities.

o            You will be part of a collective of people growing the rewards of a shared vision of addressing the root causes of sexual violence and dismantling systems of oppression.

o            You are growing the branches of survivor healing while pruning out violence for all members of the community, no matter who they are.

o            Your donation will advance gender equity, racial justice and safety while helping CCASA weather any storm that comes along, and making it stronger, just like the tree which has survived many turbulent seasons.

Please go to ColoradoGives.org/ccasa and donate today!