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How You Create Change

By Erin Jemison, CCASA Executive Director

I invite you to take a minute and imagine your sister, your brother, your friend, your neighbor. Do you have the image of this person in your mind? Hopefully, they have never experienced sexual assault, but if they have, you know the devastating impact this crime has on victims, their loved ones, and our communities.

IMG_0467Now imagine that following an assault, the person you care about received excellent support services. She or he was able to access immediate medical care free of charge. The provider collected all physical evidence and assured your loved one that should they choose to report the crime, the rape kit would be tested and not lost in an overflowing storage closet. A rape crisis advocate came to the hospital to provide support and information, and let her know that if the assault resulted in pregnancy and the birth of a child, there are new protections in Colorado law to help prevent her attacker from getting custody of the child.

While sexual violence can be one of the most traumatizing experiences any person can endure, I think you’ll agree that these few assurances—which many people assume are a given—go a long way toward safety, justice, and healing for survivors.

Unfortunately, just a year ago, it was very possible that your loved one would not have had this experience. CCASA is proud to say that our policy work this year changed that.

This is how your support creates change.

cgd 2013While I’ve asked you to imagine a hypothetical situation, we know that this is reality for too many of our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers across Colorado every day. With Colorado Gives Day just around the corner, please consider scheduling your gift today.

Thank you for your dedication to ending sexual assault and for being part of our CCASA community.

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