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In the News (Nov. 23, 2013- Nov. 29, 2013)

It’s Black Friday — that day after Thanksgiving when retailers put lots of things on sale, and people fight over the best deals. There are Black Friday protests going on in many places related to workers’ rights. As though that’s not reminder enough that Thanksgiving (and the day after) isn’t just a holiday for everyone, there’s this article that reminds us of what happened to native peoples at the hands of European settlers.

There was another Stubenville rape (in 2012), involving a 14-year-old, baseball players, and some adults who covered it up.

And speaking of cover ups, what’s going on, Tallahassee? There is so much we don’t know in the FSU football player rape allegations.

Lostprophets ex-rocker Ian Watkins is accused of at least 24 counts of sexual acts with children, and he’s admitted he’s guilty to a couple of these charges.


A San Antonio police officer is on paid leave while an investigation continues about whether he sexually assaulted a woman during a routine traffic stop.

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