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In the News (Apr. 10, 2015 – Apr. 17, 2015)

Compiled by Liz Clift, CCASA Contributor

Is hazing becoming increasingly violent and sexualized? At this high school, that seems to be the case.

A sexual assault prevention educator uses graphic poetry and past experience to help convey what sexual assault can look like.

Jameis Winston now faces a civil suit.

When rapists get to stay on campus, because a school only ever expels students for academic misconduct.

On rape culture, Coachella, and the need to speak up.

A man in New York, accused of raping a woman in a bathroom stall, has pled not guilty.

Sentencing for Bob Hewitt, former tennis champion, has been delayed.

Escapees from ISIS describe systematic rape, and other offenses, including forced marriage.

Panama City Beach plans to change the way people can experience Spring Break there, after a video of a gang rape on the beach surfaced.

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