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In the News (Mar. 22, 2014- Mar. 28, 2014)

Another, less congratulatory, response, to the rape scene that appears in the movie version of Divergent (but not the book).

Bitch magazine responds to the recent TIME and RAINN stances on rape and why it’s important to keep talking about rape culture. And, feminists are all over #rapeculture on Twitter.

Zerlina Maxwell on rape culture being a real thing (and our response to the TIME piece, if you missed it earlier this week).

170 communities in Alaska are rallying to end rape.

A man in Colorado Springs is accused of sexually assaulting a girl he met at church.

More on Darren Sharper’s rape trial.

Sexual assault threatens the military’s bedrock, according to one general. At least someone understands how sexual assault could undermine trust.

Wilmington, NC teen is charged with sexual assault.

(Some) Princeton faculty do not stand with Susan Patton on sexual assault.

After a preliminary hearing, a doctor will be on trial for sexual assault of several male patients.

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